Cuisine in Cancun

Cuisine in Cancun

Like most big cities and tourist hotspots in the world now, Cancun offers a vibrant, diverse, and ever evolving culinary experience. From traditional Mexican fare to gourmet delights, there are restaurants, deli’s, cafés, and street stalls which offer the best examples of whatever your chosen cuisine is. Have a look the highlights of Cuisine in Cancun below:

International Flavors

Whatever you feel like eating you can be sure the cuisine in Cancun will offer an array of options to suit your tastes and budget. Italian, Spanish, French, Mexican, and even Japanese cuisine can all be found here.

Mexican Cuisine in Cancun

It would be strange if Cancun did not offer some seriously amazing examples of Mexican cuisine, but thankfully this is not the case. Whether you want contemporary cuisine, traditional meals, or fusion dishes the Mexican eateries of Cancun are more than capable of wowing you!

As you might expect, Cancun is also blessed with an amazing selection of Mexican cuisine


Gourmet Restaurants in Cancun

Considering Cancun’s high-end reputation it is not surprising that there are many gourmet and fine-dining restaurants to be found.


Typical Yucatan Cuisine in Cancun

One opportunity you should not miss is the chance to try some of the traditional dishes which are local to the Yucatan Peninsula. Not only are these dishes delectable, but they’re a little different to the standard fare you might get in Mexican restaurants across the world. They will feature local spices, and produce.

The Jolly Roger’s Gourmet Selection

One of the highlights of any vacation in Cancun is a dinner cruise on the Jolly roger Pirate ship where you can enjoy an open bar, a 3 course meal, and a first rate show all for the cost of your ticket. There are vegetarian and kids menus, too, as well as the option to upgrade to a deluxe open bar which includes Johnnie Walker whiskey, crown royal, buchanan’s, Don Julio tequila (both white and reposado), rum, and ciroc vodka.

Your taste buds will be taken on a voyage of discovery when you eat the cuisine in Cancun, so why not join us on the Jolly Roger for the best dancing and dining in the city?

The Jolly Roger’s Gourmet Selection