Cancun's Nightlife - Coco Bongo

Cancun is filled with nightclubs where you can drink and dance the night away amongst lively crowds of party-goers from all over the world, and while these spots can be a lot of fun, you may crave something a little different when going out on the town night after night. While the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship should be your number one choice for a fun original night out in Cancun, if you are looking for something to entertain you during the latter part of the evening into the morning, then Coco Bongo is a popular choice.

Cancun’s nightlife – Coco Bongo

Instead of a party dictated by the musical whims of a DJ, you will experience an evening bursting with dazzling performances that will leave you breathless.  Located in the middle of Cancun’s hotel zone which plays host to the city’s famously energetic nightlife scene, Coco Bongo provides the perfect environment for an unforgettable evening with its nonstop entertainment acts that are sure to delight you.  Get swept up in Cancun’s nightlife in the electrifying atmosphere of Coco Bongo, which media outlets including ABC News, Discovery Channel, MTV, Playboy and Rolling Stone Magazine have all raved about.  When you are ready for an action-packed, entertaining night out, look no further than Coco Bongo!

Every night, non-stop

Every night at Coco Bongo is a unique experience, with unrivaled performances from featured acts such as musical impersonators, gravity-defying acrobats, live bands and conga lines that even make their way onto the bar, while balloons, soap bubbles and confetti are released to take the festive vibe to the next level.  With more than 40 musicians, soaring acrobats, artists and actors on hand to share their distinctive talents with the adoring crowds, you will never know what to expect next.  Naturally, the performers enjoy interacting with the crowd and many of theml make it a point to enter the crowd for some up-close action with fans.

A massive example of Cancun’s nightlife

Home to one of the most impressive entertainment systems which includes cutting edge sound, video and lighting equipment as well as unbelievable special effects, Coco Bongo will not disappoint!  This massive club can hold up to 1,800 partygoers at once and offers incredible views of each performance regardless of where you are situated thanks to its multi-level seating.

Although Coco Bongo is an enormous club, it comes as a surprise to many that it does not contain a typical dance floor; rather, you enjoy the night from the comfort of your specially designated area where you can watch all of the entertainment and sip on a steady flow of cocktails.  Music selections like live salsa and rock & roll bands are sure to get you dancing, and a variety of genres will keep the party going all night long.  Your ticket to enter Coco Bongo includes unlimited access to an open bar of domestic drinks throughout the evening to fuel your party.  You may also upgrade to a premium drinks bar should the mood strike.

Whether you want to enjoy the fun and antics on the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship or brave a late night at Coco Bongo, Cancun’s nightlife has something for everyone.