In beautiful and sunny Cancun, it feels like summer year-round. On the contrary, in the US and Canada it is winter and cold right now. Consequently, it is easy to see why so many people head south to Mexico where it is warm so they can kick back on the beach and rest. In Mexico, Cancun has the most beautiful beaches with white, soft sands. Plus, the Caribbean Sea waters are a breathtaking clear turquoise. As a result, the area is perfect for scuba diving and there are many coral reefs and vibrant marine life. There are dive tours that are available for newbies and experienced divers. Read below to learn more about Cancun adventures, scuba diving and more. 

Diving Classes in Cancun

Cancun and in Riviera Maya have many different diving class tours available. TripAdvisor and Yelp are perfect places to pick a diving class, so you can read the reviews that were left by people. Many tourists state that their scuba diving experience was the best part of their Cancun vacation. In general, most diving classes start at a swimming pool, which is perfect for new divers or people who just need a refresher course. The diving instructor will first explain how to effectively use the equipment. The main priority for all diving classes is safety! Once students have practiced in the swimming pool, they will be tested by the diving instructor to make sure they have learned all the basic skills. 

Ready to Dive

Next, when all the diving students are comfortable with their diving skills in the swimming pool, the instructor will take them out to sea. Many of the diving tours will take students out to more than one diving spot, which is excellent. If multiple locations are visited, divers will be fitted with two air tanks to ensure that they have enough air for both dives. Also, diving tours generally offer bottled water, snacks, and juice to divers. When the diving tour has arrived at the dive spot, divers will plunge into the water and follow the diving instructor down into the sea. Divers will get to see beautiful coral reefs and marine life up close. Before you head out to dive, you should bring sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen that is biodegradable because some sunscreens will harm the coral reefs, and we don’t want that to happen. 

Tips To Make Your Vacation in Cancun Better

After you have gone diving, you will want to avoid any of the large chain restaurants. They are very expensive and touristy. Instead, the best food is found at traditional spots that the locals go to. You can always ask a local for their recommendation. Most places accept United States dollars, but if you can exchange money into pesos it is appreciated.  If you pay for your food with United States dollars, you will usually be given pesos for change. Most of the wait staff prefers their tips to be in pesos, too. If you are wondering when is the best time of the year to vacation in Cancun, it is during the winter months from December to April. Summer months are great to vacation in Cancun too, but it is hotter and more humid then. 

Transportation Options in Cancun

Have you been wondering what to do about transportation on your Cancun vacation? You really don’t need to rent a car, because there are plenty of public and private transportation options that are cheap to use. You can use the public bus transportation system or use a taxi or Uber. Make sure if you use a taxi that it has a meter, so you don’t get overcharged. Private bus lines offer transportation to Downtown Cancun and to the Hotel Zone too. 

Cancun is a wonderful place for a vacation throughout the year. Make sure on your Cancun vacation that you sign up for a diving tour. It will be a Cancun adventure that you will never forget. For a great place to stay on your vacation, you can check out the Villa del Palmar Cancun. They have affordable all-inclusive travel packages that travelers love. Also, make sure you book a tour on the Jolly Roger pirate ship adventure. It is a top Cancun tour that includes world class entertainment, live music, and impressive acrobatics. Plus, guests get to enjoy a gourmet meal and premium open bar as they cruise the Caribbean Sea. Make sure to book your Jolly Roger pirate ship tour tickets ahead of time because space is limited.