5 Things to do in Cancun After Dark

During the day in Cancun, you will likely find yourself stretched out on their white sandy beaches, soaking up the warm Mexican sun rays. With a fruity tropical cocktail in your hand, there really isn’t anything better. Find the sun too warm for your liking? Cool off with a refreshing swim in the Caribbean sea where the waters are so clear and turquoise you can see easily to the bottom. After your fun filled day in the sun, are you curious what there is to do at night in Cancun? Read below to learn our top choices for fun activities to do in Cancun after dark.


#1 Savor Traditional Mexican Cuisine

One of the best ways to spend an evening after dark in Cancun is to eat until your heart’s content. It goes without saying that Mexican cuisine is some of the tastiest and most delicious food in the entire world. Spend an evening savoring traditional Mexican foods and try as much as you can. You won’t be disappointed with the incredible flavors and colors that each plate will contain. A few good choices in Cancun are La Parrilla which is authentic Mexican cuisine and if you’re lucky, you’ll be treated to the hypnotizing sounds of live traditional Mariachi music. In the mood for more casual and economical fare? Try Taco y Tequila Cancun where the food is great and it’s easy walking distance to the bars so you can keep the party going all night.  


#2 Evening Boat Tour at Xochimilco

How about taking a floating tour on a traditional Xochimilco boat at night? It is hard to find a more relaxing and romantic activity if you are looking for things to do in Cancun after dark. Step aboard the colorfully decorated boats where you can choose between a romantic ship, New Orleans style boats or traditional Mexican party barges. Whether you want to go with friends or have a special evening with your sweetheart, you are guaranteed to have a great time in Cancun after dark at Xochimilco. Let the drinks flow, eat some great food and cruise along the the Nichupte Lagoon. You will be treated to wonderful sea breezes and beautiful views of the coastline and Cancun city lights.

Tour at Xochimilco


#3 Pirate Ship Jolly Roger Tour

If you want added excitement and drama, you can’t miss a trip on the Jolly Roger pirate ship adventure. Without a doubt, the Jolly Roger pirate ship is one of the best tours in all of Cancun.  Let the exquisitely costumed pirates welcome you aboard the Jolly Roger ship where you will wowed with world class entertainment included live music, dramatic acrobatics and even a pirate battle complete with live cannon fire. The gourmet dinner will have your licking your lips and feeling so satisfied. Keep the drinks flowing with the premium open bar served by your very own personal pirate waiter.  Bring along a sweater in case of an evening breeze from the water, and flat shoes are recommended to make maneuvering around the 17th century replica pirate ship easier. Especially after a few cocktails or two, you will be glad you aren’t wearing heels! With a dramatic fireworks display to end your Jolly Roger pirate ship show, you will feel energized and ready to keep the party going. It’s a perfect way to start your night out on the town with a bang!

5 Things to do in Cancun After Dark

#4 Experience Cancun Nightlight with a Bar Hop

Another way to have a great night on the town in Cancun after dark is to take advantage of the many excellent bars within walking distance with a bar hop. Simply strolling through Cancun’s bar zone is a great way to explore and imbibe in a few drinks at the same time. There are lots of options from cozy lounges, hip bars to full on clubs. In the mood to dance salsa? You can’t miss the famed Mambo Cafe where you can dance salsa, bachata, cumbia and merengue to incredible live music. You can even make reservations ahead of time at some of the hottest clubs in town so plan ahead to avoid wasting times waiting in lines. Mandala is a beautiful upscale bar and club that tourists flock to, and another good choice is Cocobongo. Not just a disco, Cocobongo treats guests to impressive artistic high-rise shows and offers an open bar for a set fee.  Other great options to check out on your bar hop include La Vaquita, Cuncrawl, and The City.

Cancun's Nightlife - Coco Bongo

#5 Afterdark Jungle Adventure  

Last but not least, adrenaline seekers looking for adventure will want to try the afterdark jungle adventure at Xplor Cancun Park. An exciting adventure in the Mayan jungle at night is a whole other level of nighttime fun in Cancun.  Do you dare to venture out into the dense vegetation under the stars and see what nocturnal creatures may be waiting around the bend? By the light of the stars, the moon, and the occasional fiery torch, you can relive an ancient expedition and even swim in a river under the stars, dive through caves and paddle in an underground river. Getting out into nature in the dark in Cancun is sure to be an unique experience you won’t soon forget.

Afterdark Jungle Adventure

Which of our 5 things to do in Cancun after dark interests you most? If you have time, why not try them all!