Best Show in Cancun present:

The Curse of the Golden Fleece

Enjoy a spectacular battle and the tale of betrayal, curses and comradery aboard the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Cancun. Witness the clash of swords in acrobatic fights, pirates swinging from ropes, cannons roaring and gun powder explosions as Captain Black Jack defends his position and searches desperately for the Golden Fleece to reverse the curse he received from the cruel Captain Pirate Ólenes of the Tortuga Island when he dared to steel Ólenes’ treasure.

The fearsome pirate condemned the Jolly Roger’s Captain Jack Black to suffer a slow and fatal transformation into a strange creature of the sea. Legend has it that the Golden Fleece contains an amulet capable of reversing the malignant spell. But, time is running out! According to the curse, if the amulet has not been found before the one hundred and twentieth full moon, the spell will be irreversible. Today, the Jolly Roger finds itself sailing in the direction of the Bay of Hope on Cocos Island, where the famed treasure of the Golden Fleece is said to be hidden.

Sail aboard this impressive galleon modeled on Columbus’ original flagship

From his first voyage to the Americas and dine a delicious dinner while pirates swing from the ropes. Enjoyment of the free bar will keep adults from walking the plank while little pirates will have to forfeit a smile.

The Curse of the Golden Fleece

Adult $100 $90 USD Save 10%

Children $90 $45 USD Save 50%

Chichen Itza Plus + Jolly Roger

Adult $209 $168 USD Save 20%

Children $119 $95 USD Save 20%

Tulum-Yalku & Pirate Ship Combo

Adult $244 $175 USD Save 28%

Children $167 $120 USD Save 28%