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The Curse of the Golden Fleece

Enjoy a dynamic battle and learn a twisted tale of betrayal, curses and comradery aboard the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship in Cancun. Guests will witness the clash of swords in dramatic acrobatic fights as pirates engage in an epic combat that includes pirates swinging from ropes, cannon fire and gunpowder explosions. Captain Jack Black will defend his position as he desperately searches for the Golden Fleece in hopes of reversing the curse he received when he dared to steal treasure from the cruel pirate Captain Olenes of Tortuga Island.

Consequently, the fearsome pirate Olenes cursed the Jolly Roger’s Captain Jack Black to suffer a slow and fatal transformation into a strange and despicable sea creature. Legend states that the Golden Fleece contained a powerful amulet which was capable of reversing the malignant spell. However, time is running out! According to the curse, if the amulet is not found before the 120th full moon, the spell will become permanent and irreversible. Today, guests aboard the Jolly Roger will sail in the direction of the Bay of Hope on Cocos Island where the famed Golden Fleece treasure is believed to be hidden. Guests will enjoy dramatic live shows and animated interaction with the onboard pirate crew, all while cruising the beautiful and tranquil Caribbean Sea. Feast on a delicious gourmet dinner and enjoy a full open bar as you sit back and take in all of the excitement. Both children and adults and alike will be entertained and energized by the lively show and nonstop action.

deluxe open bar

Unlimited Premium Open Bar!

  • Black y Red Label
  • Johnnie Walker
  • Crown Royal
  • Ron Zacapa
  • Vodka Ciroc
  • Don Julio Blanco y reposado
  • and more

Sail aboard the Impressive galleon replica of Columbus’s original flagship

Guests will enjoy a thrilling reenactment of his first voyage to the Americas while dining on a delicious dinner amidst the entertaining pirate show. The premium open bar will keep the drinks flowing, and little pirates will be mesmerized by the dramatic fighting and silly pirate antics.

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Chichen Itza Plus + Jolly Roger

Adult $189 $150 USD Save 20%

Children $109 $89 USD Save 20%

The Curse of the Golden Fleece

Adult $100 $81 USD Save 19%

Children $82 $41 USD Save 50%

Tulum-Yalku & Pirate Ship Combo

Adult $244 $175 USD Save 28%

Children $167 $120 USD Save 28%



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