The Legend of the Black Pearl

We all love a good legend, especially when we already love the subject of the story right? Well, since the release of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, the Black Pearl has become one of the most iconic pirate ships in popular culture. What do you know about its backstory and origin, however? For a start, did you know that it wasn’t always called the Black Pearl? It’s true!

The Legend of the Black Pearl

Before the point at which the series begin, the script for this Hollywood blockbuster says, the Black Pearl was an East India Trading Com vessel which operated in the West African region. It was owned by the Director of West African operations at that time, Cutler Beckett, and was captained by none other than Jack Sparrow. Sparrow worked for the EITC for around a year hauling cargo, and was perfectly happy until he was ordered to haul a shipment of slaves. Unhappy with the task he refused and fell afoul of Beckett who eventually had him thrown into prison.

Wicked Wench

To rub salt into the wound, so to speak, Cutler Becket ordered that the Wicked Wench be burned before Sparrow’s eyes to teach him that disobedience did not pay. In desperation and panic Sparrow broke free and attempted to save the ship, only to go down with her. Cutler Beckett and his men thought that this was the end, but the resourceful (and arguably unintelligent) Captain Sparrow had made a deal with the devil. Or, in this case, Davy Jones who agreed to raise the Wench from the depths and give Sparrow thirteen years to captain her as a mortal before his debt was up. In return Jack Sparrow pledged a century of service aboard the Dutchman.

When the Wicked Wench returned from the depths she was no longer the same; black sails and hull had replaced the healthy wood, and an angel figurehead was in place. Sparrow renamed her the Black Pearl, and the legend we all know and love so dearly began to unfold.