Rent a Car on your Vacations to Mexico

Rent a Car on your Vacations to Mexico

It’s not that hard to travel around Mexico—even with little knowledge of the Spanish language. Although you can use public transportation or get a taxi to get around, renting your own car is a better option for being able to get around freely. Let’s look at some pointers that can help you when renting a car in Mexico.

Picking a Car Rental Company

Stay faithful to your favorite brand that gives you points. If it’s an international company, then you will most likely find one in Mexico. There are some local shops that rent cars, but they may not have the same types of accommodations you are used to from bigger companies. Always check out customer reviews and shop around for reasonable prices before choosing your car rental company.

Key Points

  • The toll roads are usually worth the price when traveling long distances, though some of the free roads offer a scenic experience you will never forget.
  • Thoroughly check your rental car before leaving the lo. That way, you can identify (and even take picture or video documentation) any marks or dents that are already on the car. The last thing you need is to be accused of imperfections you did not cause. So, make sure you take the time to check the car out even if you are on a tight schedule.
  • The availability of online booking to rent a car on your vacations to Mexico allows you to receive discounts on your rental. However, the total price may not include the cost of full insurance coverage. Beware super cheap deals, you will most probably be required to pay insurance when you arrive to collect the rental vehicle. Do not fall into the false comfort that your credit card insurance for rental cars will cover you in Mexico. It most probably won’t.

Mexican Road Signs to help you when renting a car in Mexico

The following is a list of Mexican road signs you will need to know on your vacations to Mexico:

Alto – Stop

Ceda el paso – Yield

Conserva su derecha- Keep right

Curva Peligrosa – Dangerous Curve

Despacio – Slow

Desviación – Detour

No estacionarse – No parking

No Hay Paso – Road Closed

No Rebase – No Passing

Topes – Speed bumps


Strive to obey all traffic laws while driving a Mexican rental vehicle. Just like in most other countries, the use of mobile devices to call or text, not having your seatbelt on, drinking alcohol or doing drugs are punishable by Mexican law. The best times to travel safely are during the daytime. Refrain from picking up hitchhikers. When pulled over by authorities (police or military), stay in your car and answer all their questions. Keep your door locked when driving through town and at traffic lights.

Last but not least, enjoy yourself and get a chance to scope out the landscape while socializing with new acquaintances. You can always find an Oxxo convenience store or locally-owned family store that has great service and coffee, snacks and personal items.