Cancun Fishing Tours

Cancun is an awesome place to have a fishing experience. Here, you will find several fish species and other sea creatures that are certain to give you one exciting adventure that you will talk about for many years to come. This article provides a great introduction to Cancun fishing tours that are available in Cancun and Riviera Maya.

Riviera Maya and Cancun Fishing Tours

Regardless of the time of year, fishermen come from all over the planet to enjoy the fishing in and around the Yucatan Peninsula, including both amateur and expert fishermen. Many options are available to you when it comes to planning your Cancun fishing tours. That way, you get a chance to get the most out of your experience by tailoring your adventure to the types of fishing you desire to do.

What Fish Species Will you Find?

Unfortunately, not all fish species are available the whole year round, so you may not get what you expected to catch depending on the months when you visit for your Cancun fishing tour. Therefore, make it a point to plan your fishing tour during the time of year the fish you want to see are available. Most standard Cancun fishing tours will offer bait, tackle, fishing licenses and other important fishing equipment, but you may find some that also include food and drinks. Make sure you find out what’s available on your tour prior to booking. Also, make sure you bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun as Cancun fishing tours pretty much guaranteed great weather.

Here are some of the options for Cancun fishing tours:

Deep Sea Fishing
Deep sea fishing is a favorite of those who like the challenge of catching big fish in the waters that surround Cancun and the Riviera Maya. This type of fishing yields game fish species like sailfish, marlin, wahoo, tuna and mahimahi. So, make sure you have your camera to take pics of your awesome discoveries during your Cancun fishing tours.

Fly Fishing
The best places for fly fishing in Cancun are in the lagoons near the hotels and near Isla Blanca. You will get your share of barracuda, snapper and bonefish as you set sail on the shallow waters in a flat-bottomed boat.

Bottom Fishing
This activity is bound to be a family favorite because everyone has something to do when it comes to dropping a fishing line from 200 to 600 feet deep. The size of the fish may be smaller, but the frequency of catching fish is greater, and the fish taste really good. You are certain to find a nice amount of reef fish the entire year you bottom fish.

Most Popular Months of the Year for Major Fish Species

  • Sailfish (80-220 lbs): January- July
  • Mahi-Mahi (10-50 lbs): April- July
  • Snapper (5-25 lbs): May- September
  • Blue Marlin (70-900 lbs): June & July
  • Wahoo (20-80 lbs): October- January
  • Amberjack (10-50 lbs): November- April
  • Barracuda (10-50 lbs): November- August
  • Kingfish (10-50 lbs): December- March
  • All year: Bonito (5-25 lbs), Grouper (10-50 lbs), Mackerel (5-30 lbs), Shark (200-500 lbs) and Tuna (10-30 lbs)

Cancun fishing tours will be excursions you will remember for a long time!