Activities to Enjoy in Cancun this Winter

Have you booked a winter vacation in Cancun? If you have, then you may be wondering if there are activities to enjoy in Cancun this winter. Great news! There will be plenty of activities and amenities to do during your winter vacation in Cancun. You are in the right place, because we have provided you with a list of the top activities to enjoy in Cancun this winter:


  1. Exciting Nightlife in Cancun

The nightlife that occurs in Cancun is iconic and well-known worldwide. There are a hosts of clubs and bars in the hotel zone that can suit any age. It goes without saying that the Jolly Roger Pirate ship is one of the best activities to enjoy in Cancun this winter (and any season throughout the year). The Jolly Roger Pirate Show is a family friendly activity that you can bring the entire family out to enjoy, and this adventurous dinner and show is packed full of fun.


Exciting Nightlife in Cancun

  1. Mayan Ruins

The Mayan Ruins are a must see when you are vacationing in the winter in Cancun. Along the Yucatan peninsula you can explore many incredible ruins and you will be left in awe when you see the amazing ancient architecture and witness the rich heritage. The Tulum, El Rey and Chichen Itza ruins are extremely noteworthy.

Mayan Ruins


  1. Cenotes in Cancun

Taking a cenote tour is one of the top activities to enjoy in Cancun this winter. Cenotes are 100% natural and truly breathtaking. These underwater caverns and tunnels are located throughout the peninsula and provide opportunity for diving, snorkeling, swimming and wading. Make sure you go with a guide when diving in these caves as even the most experienced divers can get lost.  If you are not an experienced diver, then you can go swimming or snorkeling and experience these magical natural wonders in Cancun.

Cenotes in Cancun


  1. Numerous Islands

There are numerous islands that you can enjoy in Cancun this winter. Isla Contoy, Isla Mujeres, Holbox, and Cozumel are just a few of these islands, all of which are packed with activities to enjoy. The Cozumel and Isla Mujeres Islands are two of the top islands to visit, they are easily accessible from either Playa del Carmen and Cancun, respectively. The beaches on these Cancun islands are peaceful and the waters are warm and clear, which is perfect for snorkeling and diving.  These islands can be reached by a short ferry ride and are amongst the most popular activities to enjoy in Cancun anytime of the year. Contoy and Holbox Islands are a little further to reach and tours must be booked well in advance as licenses to visit are limited.

Numerous Islands


  1. Dolphin Adventures

One of the most exciting activities to enjoy in Cancun this winter is swimming with the dolphins. You won’t have a problem finding dolphin swimming tours in Cancun. Always take plenty of pictures, so you can always have the memory.

Dolphin Adventures

  1. The Best Golf Courses

No matter the season, a favorite activity to enjoy in Cancun this winter is golfing. There are several world class golf courses in Cancun and the golf clubs are luxurious. Any level of experience and skilled golfer can play golf and even do their putting. The Playa Mujeres golf club is one of the favorite golf clubs in Cancun.

The Best Golf Courses


There are plenty of activities to enjoy in Cancun this winter. If you have booked your Cancun vacation for the winter months, then don’t worry, because you will find plenty of activities to enjoy in Cancun this winter.